Guided Enduro Tours in North Greece Mt. Olympus 1 Week Full Gas

Guided Enduro Tours in North Greece Mt. Olympus 1 Week Full Gas

• We offer Brand new 
Ktm exc 300 2s 2022 Sixdays
Ktm exc 350 4s 2022 Sixdays 
Our motorbikes are equipped with Tubeliss system front and back. Also they have all the protection parts available from Acerbis installed.
• If you prefer to visit with your own bike, we can take care of it with our bike wash package.
• 4-Guided day tours with experienced guides
(at least 3 different riding areas)
• 6-Overnight stays Breakfast/Dinner included
• Bike transport and yourself to riding area and back 
• Mechanic/spare parts and service inspection before day 1. (parts like tyres/mousses must be preordered if you use your own bike)
• Airport transfer included x2
from/to Thessaloniki 
• Gift on the last day

And this is how it goes!!!

- We first meet in the airport to pick you up and the rest of the group. (unless you visit with your own car). After a small briefing we test fit the gear (if rented) or you give us your gear bag so you do not have to worry about forgetting anything. 


-Day one: after a good night sleep and breakfast we meet at your hotel and we drive you at the day 1 starting point. This is the place where we gear up and start riding. This particular day is more of a "getting to know each other day". We ride on simple dirt roads in the woods along river beds. We also test our group capabilities: some log hopping, rock gardens and simple back trails. We can even visit local scramble tracks and have a lot of fun while checking our riding abilities. At the end we arrive at our starting point again. You go back to the hotel and we take care of everything to prepare for the next day. The afternoon usually is free time and there are lot of things to do in our city. If it is summer we can even drive you to the local beach afterwards. Only 5km away!


-Day two: we meet again at the hotel and we drive to the starting point. This day we already know how we can ride and we go to some harder parts. If the group wants again trail riding and dirt roads that is also possible but this day we go to another direction and higher on elevation. We arrive at some high points where the view is exceptional and this is the Goal for the day besides riding. The second day we usually ride more km than the first. 70-100km distance. Remember this is not a hard enduro race so do not be scared from some long distances. After we come back early in the afternoon we debrief and decide what the group wants to do the next day.


-Day three, four, five and six can be exchanged and we will do what you like the most:

Let's see our options:

1. a free day where we rest and visit local places like:

                a. Visit ancient Greek sites. Max 35km distance.

                b. Relax at the beach and swim all day. Just 5 to 35km distance.

                c. Hike at Myticas of mount Olympus (highest peak in Greece). 20km.

                d. Visit the city of Thessaloniki 70km away and less than an hour drive.

                e. Split the group and everybody do whatever they like .

                f.  A combination of the above.

2. A ride day where we start of at 1500m. We take you by car 35km away high up in the mountains of Pieria where the motorcycles are waiting for us ready to go. Our goal for the day, besides riding, vary depending on the month of the year. We can even ride up to 2500m. Unforgettable forests and trails that you will remember forever. Ideal terrain for enduro riding. This particular place is also ideal for hard enduro training for races like Romaniacs.

3. Two day adventure in the mountains: We start on midday around 12:00 at the footing of mount Olympus with our support van loaded the day before. After riding normal enduro at unique trails that we opened this season 2022 for about 70km we reach our privately owned field in the woods. Our van is already there with enduro tents setup. We camp for the night in the woods with the full support from our company including parts (Clean gear if asked and bike wash if needed is also posible with our setup). Warm food and barbecue , enduro tails around the fire, even maybe some hard enduro training before we go to sleep.

The second day we jump on the bikes and we continue our ride to the other side of the mountains. We visit some nearby peaks and try some challenging uphills, or maybe not and just visit some remote villages and grab a coffee. I believe by this point you get the idea. :D

4. Visit for one or two days of enduro ride at another area of Greece of your choice.


Always keep in mind that we do not only offer just an enduro ride.

We offer an adventure of a lifetime!

The price for this package is Just 1500 Euro/Person.

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